Monday, September 10, 2018

Saw my son off to school.

         Friday both my daughters informed me that my son was going to leave for Truck Driving school Sunday. He has talked about going for the last 5 years. Well I just waved goodbye as they left to make it for next  3weeks of classes that start in the morning. I was baffled by him having to be there on Sunday but he said it was today at 4 or in the morning at 7. I wish him luck and hope he gets his CDL .

        Ok I didn't finish this post yesterday because when my son arrived at the driving school it was a cluster @#$% . I had my doubts about it but he swore he had researched them. They did a bait and switch on him . He was told his sponsor/truck line  was evergreen but when he got there they had no record of it but they had a sponsor in PAM trucking available.  PAM,s pay and mileage sucks they have a record of firing short of 12 months and demanding tuition reimbursement. I told him go for it once he has the CDL he will have options . Back in the 90s I worked in Trucking as a dock Forman and Dispatcher for a Major carrier . 
        As a single man my son has an opportunity to make some major money If he is willing to roll. 


  1. Hope it all goes well. It will be a good move for his future!

    1. I hope it works Mike nothing else has. My son is 28 and has never worked a full week in his life. When I was 28 I had 3 kids 3 cars 2 jobs and been in this house 5 years.