Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Do we need Trumps Wall ????

       The MSM has been tearing in to our president because of this shut down. Maybe it is their job. Maybe they just hate him and want him to fail regardless of consequence's to our country.

       This is Trumps equivalent to Bush seniors "read my lips no new taxes" If he backs down his presidency is toast!!

      Yes people that are affect are mad I understand, but why at Trump.  Sending a spending bill he will sign is congresses job. I see all this as a negligent congress . Its become a dick measuring contest,  who has the biggest Balls .  So far Nancy Pelosi is determined to win .

         Mr. President Do Not Compromise !    That is their game don't play it . They will have to cave by February regardless because of SNAP. Food stamps have funds for this month . Effective in February those card don't reload. Imagine what happens when 42 million people go  APE SHIT CRAZY !

    I saw this and want to say My president is standing up for me.

P.S. Me and the girlfriend get 84$ in SNAP a month . We will pass on the ape shit crazy stuff.


  1. We need the wall and another one around California.

    1. Mike I agree but the wall around California must have a one way door to put the excapees back in.

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    1. Hi Deb hope your getting along ok I know its been hard.

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    1. Personally I don't want a wall. I want bouncing betty land mines along the border a few booms traffic disappears.