Monday, July 15, 2013

Regular in the car but premium in a can

   How many people do you know that has had a lawnmower or chainsaw in the shop only to find out it is the ethonal in the gas? Today when you buy regular gas it has 10% ethonal in it.Now i want you to think of it like this 12 oz of High grade moonshine is in your tank with every gallon!!! Thatis the same alcohol content as a 5th of Jack Daniels at 80 proof !!!Almost half or corn crop is now used in place of petroleom in that gallon.Seems like a waste to me but some people will spend their last dollar for a gallon before they would walk a block.
    Sorry got off track. A lot of preppers have gas storage but i bet most use regular.As a former gas station owner if you were to ask at most independent stations if there premium has ethonal most will tell you no only regular and mid grade.Now i know most people run regular in their small engines that are not designed for ethonal.For a measly 40 cents more you will avoid most fuel problems in small engines and pure gas with stabilizer will last longer if stored just buy priemium non ethonal gas.
     The ethonal in the gas naturaly atracts water and binds to it.Most water remover that is sold is just de-natured alcohol it binds the water in a way your car will burn it.Premium gas may cost 40 cents more but remember it also gives more octane power and burns better in an engine so it realy cost less.Besides is when theres an emergancy time to wrry about 40 cents a gallon.Iwant generator to crank the saw to work and the wife to hush!The order of importance is hush generato then saw. I buy premium because I am cheap 40 cents on a few gallons beats the 72$ it cost to have the soft parts replaced in my chainsaws carberator and new lines!


  1. Hi Gary,
    Thanks for the heads up. I didn't know Premium gas did not have ethanol in it. I will have to check this out because if I have a choice I would not use or store E10 (soon to be E15) gas for my generator of chainsaw!

  2. Mike most chain stations will have a little ethonal in premium but it will be 3 to 5 %.Check at mom and pop stations they should have pure premium.Around a river or lake a lot of stations advertise it.OUTBOARD MOTORS HATE ETHONAL!