Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sweating is a good thing.

   How many people like to sweat? Not many that I know most people are ready to find a cool spot as soon as a bead forms.Now i havent been a big fan of sweating in years past.But the last 2 summers i have sweated a lot more than any time since i was a kid.You cant run a BBQ pit on the side of the road without sweating the sun and the smoke and grease are part of it.Now when i end my day I stink of grease and smoke my shirt has a white salt ring around my chest.First thing is a shower and a lot of water as i spend a hour cooling down.
    One day when searching the web i ran across a doctors statment that i had never thought about before.Sweating is one of the ways your body removes toxins.He stated it was the 3rd way your body discards toxins from the blood{guess what #1 and#2 was 1st and 2nd}expecialy heavy metals.I once worked with a lot of zinc and galvinized steel.So i read what was there and it got me thinking the nordic countrys had saunas indians had sweat lodges a lot of other anceint societies had baths and steam saunas as a regular part of life.This summer i have sweated and worked paying it little attention.Now i will say a few times i failed to stay hydrated big mistake but otherwise it has felt good to sweat it out and i think it has made me feel better.We seem to be a sickly society could it be that because we no longer have tosweat we are allowing toxins to build up in our bodys? Perhaps a little more heat and sweat a lot less air conditioning could make healtheir? I dont know about you but I am willing to sweat a little to avoid "Modern medicine".

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