Saturday, July 6, 2013

The 4th of july BBQ and dreams of vacation

   I have survived the 4th of july BBQ  rush barley! The smoker has been in constant use since monday.I smoked 48 boston butts and 45 slabs of ribs and sold out in 5 hours between wensday and thursday.
my red smoker and tank that became my extra smoker

I had to use both pits to handle the butts and ribs but i got it done.The new pit wasnt finished i had to use 2x4s to hold the grate decks up till i get to the weld shop but it did ok for the holiday.
    I think i worked harder this week than i have in a lonnnng time but the payoff was worth it.Me and the wife are planning a trip to the gulf the 14th going to try and get some of the kids to come down too.We will go to big lagoon but i think we will b going to some other areas also.I know i will have to carry the wife to gulfport one day for the casino,s.I dont gamble like i use to.
      We will be taking the teardrop this trip the new standie is still untested and we dont want to be that far away and have problems.Had a man stop by and look at my teardrop he plans on building his own soon .I have known his son for years and i think we will do build at the same time.he wants a 4 wide and i want a 5 wide.

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