Sunday, October 13, 2013

Been a great weekend.

     This week has been kinda full.I have almost finished getting the garage roof on.Did my BBQ and had good sales i am going to have to increase what i cook am back to running out before 3. I love football season everyone around here watch Alabama or Auburn and i get a lot of orders on game day.Friday seems to be Ladies day they grab whole butts  or 5 to 10 sandwiches so they don't have to cook.Hope it stays like this till Christmas.
    Maybe next week blogger will let me upload a few pics.Got a few of the garage and the BBQ smoker and stand. I would be farther along but going up and down a ladder did my knees in had to take a couple of days off the roof .Did get a few other odd and end piddly stuff done.
     Today was the grandsons birthday he is 2 and we got him a 6 volt rideing car to ride around the yard.Picked the toy car up at a yard sale for 30 bucks and it looked like new.Kids don't know if its new or not.It beat a new one at 129$ .

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