Friday, October 18, 2013

finished the roof

    Got the roof finished on the lean to and garage Wednesday. Got it done just in time for a lite rain on Thursday.Had no leaks that i could find.All that's left is to cool seal it.I will post a picture of it this weekend. I have to run will update on here later.

PS  still at 2 cigarette's a day not bad  in  my book.


  1. Must be nice to have that finished up.

  2. Congrats of finishing the roof project! I bet you're very proud to have accomplished that. Looking forward to seeing the reveal. Great job on keeping the cigarette consumption at 2 as well! Give yourself a pat on the back from me. :)

  3. Glad to hear that your new roof didn't fail you! It showed no signs of damage - not a single leak. Did you do it all by yourself? If yes, then congrats for a job well done, Gary.

    1. Yea did it solo, easy with a solid deck and 30 # felt under it.