Monday, October 7, 2013

Wrapping up some projects.

    Sorry i haven't posted but been working on the roof of the garage and lean-to.Have also cleaned around the house,its been a great fall so far,mild weather has been nice .This time of year i try to get the outside shaped up.The yard needs 1 more cutting a lot of brush needs burnt.I have to many projects started that need to be wrapped up or at least gotten to a GOOD stopping point.The term running around like a chicken with his head cut off fits last week.
    Will post some pictures latter this week of the garage.Spent 2 days cutting the metal last week.Wore out 3 blades on that metal and still have 4 more cuts to make.Had to stop because of rain coming in off TS Karen didn't want to start the tear off.
     First  thing this morning i have to go pick up BBQ supplies, with all the rumblings from Washington and there posturing i think a few extra supplies are in order.
      The fog is burning off so i guess I'm off to start will go shopping while the sun dries the yard a little.


  1. Better get it done while you can, this is supposed to be a real tough winter.

    1. Yep i think its going to be a cold year.Been seeing a lot of bushy and black wooly worms.It may be a wives tale but you never know