Monday, October 14, 2013

The story of dog

     Yes folks i named my dog DOG.She has been with me for 8 or 9 years.The kids call her Baby Girl she comes to both but knows the difference in what name is used.If i call her dog she looks to see what i want her to do,if she is called baby girl she knows she is going to get petted and played with.
     When dog first wandered up i didn't want a dog.I had just had one get run over and i didn't want to go through that again.Well i decided to ignore and not feed this skinny Black Lab and she would go away.After a week i was finding dead rabbits squirrels and other critters in the front yard.This mongrel had to go so i decided to haul her away.I loaded her into the truck and went about 3 miles away and put her out.Good riddance,no more half eaten carcasses to clean up.On the way home stop ed and got me a coke and a bag of chips then pulled in the drive.Sitting on the porch was that skinny black Ker. Damn dog had cut through the woods and beat me home.Well i loaded the dog back up and took off this time i went 5 or so miles out into a rural valley and put he out wished her luck and took off.I went and grabbed lunch with a friend.After we ate we stopped to get some tools at the house and laying in the yard was that Damn DOG.My buddy looked at me and said "if she isn't your dog your her human".After we did our project i went and got her a bag of dog food.
    Dog has been the best dog a man could want even my neighbors have gotten to know her bark.She has her talking bark for other dogs she has a deer bark for when they are in the field.She has one for some one just drove up,God help someone walking down the road she lets loose loud.One day the boy next door was out playing and 2 dogs from down the road started growling at him DOG stood between the boy and the strays till he went inside.DOG waited till he was gone and stared taking chunks out of there butts as she ran them down the road.
      Dog has filled out over the years she is a solid 110 pounds or more.Her teeth are wore down from all the game she has dragged up over the years.Now days she just eats dog food with table scraps.Dog has never been to a Vet for some reason she refuses to get in any car or truck! I hope i have been as good a human to her as she has been a Dog for me.


  1. If you have a good dog you have at least one friend you can trust to the bitter end.