Sunday, March 8, 2015

A change makes for nice profits.

     This has been a long week ,last week was snow this week was rain and then ice. Friday was clear and the BBQ was busy. The last 4 weeks I have been cooking Baby back ribs  along with Boston Butts I should have been cooking them all along  been running through 10 or 12 slabs a weekend and the same amount of butts. The ribs have made  a sales increase of 200$ a weekend . With a profit increase of 100$ plus . In the middle of the winter it has been a welcome surprise .
     Normally I have to dip into savings from Christmas till mid April but this year I have been able to add a few hundred to savings . Next week I will be booking a 2 week stay for Big Lagoon campground in June and it will have to be paid for up front, nice to be able to.

    I dragged the old trailer frame into the clearing out front today if the weather breaks will be starting on my last trailer build ever. I know the next 5 days it will rain but I will have it in place and can get it leveled . I promise lots of pictures once I start on it.

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