Thursday, March 26, 2015

What non food items would you want if the economy crashed .

     Its late I shouldn't be doing a post of this kind this late . But if you knew the dollar was dead and inflation and shortages were going to be everyday life what items would you buy. Skip food, guns and ammo. Think about no gas, empty shelves, rolling black outs, Rationing of every thing . Its a real possibility, with so few major retailers a debit card could become a ration card .

   I sited the books 299 day in a comment from yesterday as a good example of what the free market would be like. All savings and investments confiscated allotments based on job and loyalty levels. Use a realistic amount like 1000$ and see what gaps need plugged in on hand items. I am still thinking and adjusting my wish list but here is a start.

A 100 watt solar panel  150$
1500 watt inverter      150$
A 7 speed bike with flat proof tires used   40$ + tires
Wood heater   0 homemade
Seeds and fertilizer  50$
5 more 20 lb. propane cylinders  used and refilled  125$

  This short list is about 600$ The list is not complete or a doomsday list its stuff that has everyday uses. Between camping and hobbies I am in fair shape but everyone has gaps. A economic crash may or may not be the end of life as we know it . None reading this were alive in the depression and most would not cope well if it happens. Just something to consider .


  1. toilet paper, ointments and other hygiene items like plenty of soap.
    [in addition to what you have listed].
    if no well, then water filtering items. can't live without it. has been fracking here so don't know if well water here, if it exists, would be usable even with filtration.

    1. Sorry for the slow response. Yes consumables are needed and I forgot water filtration. My son learned untreated water sucks he has had a belly ache for 2 weeks got sloppy on treating his creek water . Funny he never hears my advise but he is offended at me laughing about what I warned him of .

  2. gary,
    i think your son has attention deficit disorder.
    did he have 'listening' problems in school?