Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My sons trailerstead got reclaimed .

     Been a busy week sorry for not posting. My sons property was on a tax claim that got reclaimed 45 days before it became his. So we had to move him off the place by the creek and in to the field next door to my house. I didn't think it would be reclaimed my son had paid 300$ over 3 years in a tax lien  at 12% interest but the man that was behind found some one that was willing to buy the property for 1200$ so he paid to  redeem and made 800$ at the last minute . The last day was going to be April 27 but we knew it was a chance.

    Now the field next door isn't mine but I have not seen any of the owners family in 7 or 8 years. The old man is almost 90 and if he or his kids say anything its move it again . They live about 50 miles away now so I think we are safe till may. Come May there is another property we may move him on to as reclaim will be past.

    This years tax sale I will be looking to buy a few tax liens and see if any go unclaimed for 3 years. I will not be looking for a house I want .5 to 2 acre parcels no buildings or utility's . My thinking is if it is raw, small and has a high building cost its more likely to be let go and suits my purpose .

    Now don't think I have cash to gamble with, on these types of properties for 1 acre no improvements first year is about 150$ and 50$ a year for the next 2 . If they reclaim I get my money back plus 12% interest  or the property for 250 to 300 $. If  I can get 2 or 3 I will be happy. The risk reward is worth the gamble.

     The one thing I have learned with my sons place is there is a way to make a place un reclaimable . If I had built a building on the property and had it assessed we would have been entitled to the cost back before title could be reclaimed. His place was in a flood plane and I would never have built on it, an old trailers one thing a building is another.
      If I am lucky and get a nice piece of property 1 to 2 acre in size and it goes unclaimed for 2 years its time to build a pole barn shed and have a power pole put up. I will get a permit and an assessment and have a friend print a paid receipt  as proof and make reclaiming it exceed 3000 or more . If a person had trouble with a 50$ tax bill a 3500$ reclaim would be out of the question . I have known men that buy tax sale deeds hoping only for the 12%  they never touch an unimproved parcel . It is tax auction time if you ever wanted a bug out / homestead / hideaway its something to think about!
    I need the storage room , my front yard has 4 cars, 1 jeep, 2 truck, 3 camper ,3 operating vending trailers, 2 smokers and 1 trailer frame for a monster kitchen trailer to be built. I feel the county inspectors eyes every time one drive by .

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