Sunday, April 19, 2015

first ticket since 198? .

     Last week I got my first ticket since 198? I cant even remember. It was a damn seatbelt violation. The only reason I got it was I was going to the store. Traffic was stopped due to construction and I waved at the trooper as I went by. When I came back he was on me like stink on S#@$. I know its a law but the only reason I was noticed was I was being nice . That wont happen again ! I am still pissed and haven't even called to see what the thing will cost. If I ever make it to New York I will drink a 44 oz. on the street because its my choice. Screw that law too .

    Public safety my ASS. We have so many laws on the books before you go to the bathroom in the morning you have to violate at least one law. Our LEOs are working  in a way Hitler and Himmler would be proud of .


  1. Stay away from crowds
    Don't talk to cops


    1. Very true ! Even decent cops are remote from there community . Perhaps it an air of superiority or they realizes a lot of what they do isn't for public good but its what pays .