Saturday, April 25, 2015

A link on making Saeurkraut.

     My Mom made sauerkraut and hominy for years and I loved it . I found this post and a neat way to do small batches of kraut .

    Wander around the site by clicking the header neat stuff.


  1. Gary this was a forehead slapper! I've made sauerkraut many times but always in a larger container. I never thought about quart jars even though I have many of them around. This is such a smarter way of making small batches. Thanks for the post.

    By the way, how's your son doing?

    1. If your like my mom is it was made in 5 gallon batches. In a crock or bucket and then put in jars. A quart jar should hold almost a head or what's left after a meal of slaw. My son attitude has changed and been very helpful around here SO FAR .

  2. many thanks for the link
    got a book on fermenting but won't try until i go thru the website you provided
    don't want to explode anything or poison anyone!
    deb h.

  3. Deb if you have any clean plastic jelly/ peanut butter jars try them. if they swell a little after you seal them you know it was to soon.