Monday, April 13, 2015

Flea markets I Love them.

     Sunday morning I woke the wife and my son at 6 am for a trip to Mt. Top flea market. The unusual thing about this flea market is one its Sunday only and starts at 5 am and they start packing up at 2. It has been around since the early 70s and is going strong.
    My wife just wanted to look around I carried 3 axe's 2 mauls and 2 sledge hammers in need of handles. I also was on the hunt for 2 hens because one of my 2 hens didn't make it crossing the road last week. First I headed to the lemonade stand a friend has owned there since 1978 for a free lemonade. Them made it 3 rows up and across the field to the handle man .Ok the handle man has been there since day one he is about 80 and my grandfather bought handles from him when I went as a kid with him .I got him to pick me 7 handles for what I had for 28$ .One at ace is 12 $ ,he use to seat them for people but has got to old and to busy.

     After I walked a 1/2 mile to the jeep and back I went to livestock row. Livestock row has chickens ducks turkeys geese goats rabbits dogs and cats . saw a pair of dominicker hens for 20 each, nope I pass . The cheapest I found was 15 for Reds I Pass .They wanted 5$ for chicks or 3 for 12 . Well I didn't get the hens I wanted I planned on 10 ea. and just would go for what they wanted. I had parted with my wife and son so I went and called and  found them . On the way I found once used ammo cans for 10$ each I got 3. My son had found new boots for 20 a inverter for 12 and 5 boxes of Entmans doughnuts for 1$ each. The wife had a bag of navel oranges 3 dozen brown eggs and a flat of flowers all for under 12$.

   My son and I carried every thing to the jeep and went back got my wife before she made it back to the flowers again. As we headed to leave I stopped and got a Quart of honey ( local apple blossom bee hives) and we got out of there by 11 am .

     Now we had a good time got some great buys and exercise .Stores cost more and help local people less, we met and interacted with people as we bargained for deals, saw friends while there . Have you ever noticed in other country's this is everyday shopping/ life but here its looked at as red neck slumming not a normal way of doing business . Perhaps this is the way we should do business face to face interacting within our community.


  1. I get chicks for $1 each and imagine you could buy hens for very little. Call the Dutch Oven Bakery. Mennonites own it and their house is next door. It's on 157, out west from Cullman.

    Mountain Top was a hard walk for me years ago. Today, I could not walk it for love nor money.

    1. Thanks I will try them . Lacon flea market may be next haven't been there since I was a kid. Mt. top is a hard walk my wife likes to start at the top and work her way down.