Monday, April 20, 2015

I got chicks !!!!!

     Well I have been wanting more chickens and today my hen led out 10 chicks . Last year I had 2 clutches hatch and lost them all to hawks and coyote's . Yes I have coyote's I have seen them twice this year. Well I decided to catch them . Needless to say easier said than done. A mad mother hen and 10 chicks made for 2 hours of chasing for 4 of us. Chicks hide when told by the hen .We caught 4 of the chicks first, the hen paced the side of the pen then she called out 4 more chicks that we caught . Catching her took an hour she has never been penned . Once she was with her chicks she calmed down and called the last 2 out of hiding and we got them into her pen covered it with a blanket watered and fed her added straw to the pen.

       Now tomorrow I have to build a run for her and a small roost. I have some old dog wire and will line the bottom edge with fine mesh  just 8x12 may make it portable have to see what junk I have. Some may die but I hope most make it. It will be nice to have 6 or so laying hens next year . Now that I am committed to having a chicken coop I wish I had bought those hens at Mt Top last week.

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