Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A link to an optimistic solar powered future.

   Ran across this article on MSN.  Its a fluff piece but makes for a worth while read and makes you think. Personally I don't think the PTB will allow one and done energy to get into their pockets very deep.



  1. If I didn't have the need for A/C (Florida at times gets uncomfortably hot) I would pull the plug on grid power. Solar even with my small system works extremely well for everyday lights and TV. It's about the last thing we as free tax paying people can escape from.

    1. Mike I agree 100%. Right now solar accounts for a miniscule amount of use nationally . Individually it makes sense and is a huge savings . But when has government and corporation's allowed us the citizens to lessen there control ?

  2. makes me think of the devils who say the water God gives you that falls on your roof is theirs, not yours.
    i'm trying to think of a way for the devils to tax air so you can't breathe without their permission.
    it only makes sense that in the south and the southwest every abode should have enough solar panels to run air conditioning for health, and poor people could afford it.
    you know EPA - another bunch of devils-- has ruled that any woodsmoke at naturals part per billion of carbon is 'illegal'.
    thus , if one is silly enough to obey these evil doers he will be unable to keep his family warm even if he has a stove and is surrounded by hardwood forest.
    deb h.

    1. Your right Deb they will find a way same as water and wood. Some Mediterranean countries tax solar panels now because so many are in use. I think Spain has. We have 10 to 12 cent per kilowatt hour they have 45 to 50 cents per kilowatt hour.