Sunday, March 15, 2015

Going camping .

     Will be gone for the next week to the lake. Me and the wife have not been camping since October and the urge has killed us. Every time I asked if she wanted to take a trip she said it was to cold or some other lame excuse but last week she said lets restock and organize the camper and go .

   Now we have always took a shake down trip before camping season got going good but this is way early. Suits me I need a few days away. The bad thing is how wet it has been around here now with 4 sunny days coming I could get a lot of things done here . To  heck with it  Id rather be camping .

    Next year I will camp in the winter in south florida for a week or two . Four months has been to long . The wife can come or stay home but I am going.


  1. Good for you Gary! Pack-up and get out of Dodge for a while. :-)
    For myself my surf fishing will begin in two weeks and I be on the beach enjoying the time 2-3 days a week plus I'll have caught free food at the end of the day..

    1. Mike seems the campground now has Wi Fi . The lake is full of fishermen getting ready for a big tournament this weekend . And a lot of guys are after early crappie .