Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What is your comfort level ?

     Every one is different in there needs of comfort .For my wife its 72 degrees and a 55 inch T.V. and a man slave .For me its a fan a DR Pepper and internet. My youngest daughter doesn't have a clue what is her level of comfort, she bitches about everything. My son has a very modest level of comfort that he is happy with . I went and saw him today except for the rain he seemed happy in what my wife and daughter would consider hell.

     This got me thinking about my minimum level of comfort. What would I want if my life went to shit. My thoughts on this are still evolving but its close to what I envision if SHTF was to take place.

Land 1 acre
Home 16 X 24 or camper
Water source
Power 400 watt solar panels, 400 watt inverter 1500 watt inverter
Fan,19 inch TV, DVD player, radio, computer , tools, lights
Wood heat , propane stove/oven
Small truck ,bike

   These are just a few of major things that I would want to be comfortable. Now most of us have much more but have you ever looked at what your minimum levels are and do you have them if life turns on you?
   Now I have been fortunate in life to have most all this but I still need 200 watts more solar and the 1500 watt inverter. My line of thinking is "I want my minimum available if present levels fall ."

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