Wednesday, March 25, 2015

More thoughts on a E bike.

    Today I got on the computer and started looking at E bikes, prices ,options speeds and distances . I looked at E bike and motorized bikes about 5 years ago . Wow the difference's between then and now on what is available and set ups is huge.
    I found I can get a 750 watt front hub and controls for around 300 $ and turn that 10$  10 speed into an electric bike. Or find a 3 or 7 speed bike and do a rear hub. Now if I were to do this the battery pack would be a 48 volt system and 4 SLA batteries are heavy along with my 264 lb. bulk would be 320 lb. That's a lot to peddle down the road .

     A  better way would be a sturdy 7 speed with a 500 watt hub with a 24 watt battery pack . Every thing new would still be under 500$ but no peddle assist just a twist throttle for grades and speed boosts. 

   These costs are not a casual amount to me but something to think about. If the world was to drop the dollar inflation will be unimaginable . Gas would be unavailable to regular people. Our 6 million barrel a day doesn't cover agri ,military and emergency services . A 24 volt bike could be powered with 2  30 watt solar panels wired in series in 5 hours . A roman march was 20 miles in a day on a  E bike 60 miles is doable in a day. Is the cost of an E bike worth it I am still undecided,  is it worth a little thought and research DEFINANTLY !!!


  1. Keep us updated, this is a really worthwhile transportation alternative and with the engineering advances in small powerful motors and especially batteries makes this practical today.

    1. I will mike, my goal is a easy pedaling bike. The electric part is for hills and getaway speed . In a crisis it will be a force multiplier.

  2. excellent thinking. i am at an age where hiking is not possible and if there is inflation only rich people will ride in cars.
    i am trying to buy basics now before inflation is worse.
    of course, those of us not wealthy will bear the brunt of any discomfort.

    on the other hand, if i can't afford groceries i won't have to go anywhere anyway!! and the doctor and pharmacy will be unaffordable.
    so any ideas that you mechanical geniuses have that can help common folks are going to be received with great applause and appreciation!
    deb h.

    1. Deb read 299 days for an idea of what national rationing would look like .Its the only part of the books that are realistic . An E bikes batteries max mileage is 5000 to 7000 miles or 300 charges. My legs are my only health problem and this overcomes my walking limits .Bad knees , neuropathy and varicose veins.