Thursday, May 12, 2016

Good Deals ,Mad Wife

    In my in box today I got a property quote from the state . It is one I wanted and have researched . Its in a good area on a road that is 8 miles to anything a person could want to buy or do. The property is 1.1 acre and has an old shed  a mobile home pad, water is run, septic tank and it has a power pole. The place had a mobile home on it till 2006 or 07. In research it appears the lady died in 2007 and left it to her daughter and she quit paying the taxes in 2010. The price from the state is 931.89 $  all I can see I have to get it sellable is about 1/2 acre of brush to clear and 1/2 of bush hogging. Once clear it should sell for 9 to 12,000 . This is the one I hoped to make clear profit with.

      Here is the rub I was going to pay off most the loan on my daughters property . As it turned out we just redid the loan for a shorter term. The loan is in the wife's name and is drafted from her account. Now I put the loan amount in her account every month but she is quick to point out "she pays the loan "????? I am using her check for these properties ??????? I have dragged her to the bank twice this month  for a loan and we have nothing but a payment to show ????? Women are Weird . Her CDs , my saving bought them to use as loan collateral. The cash land purchases, cash from the BBQ. Am I going to buy this lot ? YEA  cause what I say goes!!!!!!!
      P.S.  Next week I will be on the coast I may have found my balls and made a stand but it has cost me 12 days on the beach to  keep her from crushing them under her heel.  :(


  1. Be careful the county laws haven't changed, hombre. Used to be here you could just have a septic tank put in, but now all kinds of bureaucratic B.S. is involved to get "approval" and you have to pay a lot of fees.

    1. It has a tank already so it is Grandfathered in. The main work is the brush. My wife is warming to the purchase. I plan on leaving 10 ft of hedgerow across the front so it has privacy and Keep inspector from seeing work done.

  2. Replies
    1. Math isn't her strong suit but she knows I am cheap and will turn a profit.