Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Thrift store finds.

   Today my daughter went to my favorite thrift store to look and see if they had a washer and dryer still she saw Saturday. Dad is back  with the truck and  can move them :( for her. Well they still had them. Maytag washer and drier from the late 80s but guaranteed to work. She got them for 30$ each and I bet their better than the new ones. I found her a back door for the trailer for 15$ no frame or hardware but a good deal. For 190$ at  the thrift store she has got a 4ft. sink base, a sink, washer, dryer, fridge, stove, and 2 cabinets. I love this place!!!

    Ok dad always looks around this place. I think it is the only place I SHOP at, most places I get what I need and LEAVE. Back by the doors they had luggage in the corner some nice high dollar stuff to . Sitting on top of the luggage was 2 full mollie backpacks in hellcat setup with frame including shoulder and kidney padding brand new!

  It has a place for the water bladder but it wasn't with them. For  the price who cares. They were marked 3.98 with 20% off . I snatched (I had 2 men ask me where I found them) them up and raced to the register paid and got them locked in the truck then went back to SHOP. I also got a 6ft tall 3 ft wide steel shelving unit with 6 shelves (the old good ones) for 3.98 for storage. Yep I had a good day Shopping even if I had to load and unload the washer and dryer .

UPDATE....  Went back to the thrift store today on a hunch  looked around and asked where the sleeping bags would be. The girl said it was her department and led me to them. They had 2 oversized poly bags from Academy  good for -10 . I asked her if they ever got in cloth sleeping bags. She said she had a kids bag and a green adult bag in back. I asked for the green one she brought out a perfect M-1949 down filled Mountain bag.  I got all 3 bags for 18.54 !!!!!!!!


  1. Holy Cow, did you get some deals!!

    1. I love this place. I always find something.