Thursday, May 5, 2016

My oldest daughter Graduated college today.

    Today I got to see my oldest graduate from College with 2 associate degree's. One is in automated manufacturing repair the other is automated automotive robotic repair. She already has certificates in Machine shop operation and Iso safety compliance and welding. As a father I am very proud of her.

 As proud as I am, I have worked in manufacturing and the repair side is always older male's that look and listen smile and mutter "that again". She is going to be entering a male dominated field who are of an age that will have a hard time accepting a woman co-worker. As a female with ZERO experience I think she will have a very hard time getting a job even with the degree's.

    She has 2 offers on the table both from automotive part manufactures  but they both have 5 year no compete clauses in them. Now the offers are decent 18$ start 2 years specialized schooling  and training top pay 28 +. Not bad but the no compete is regardless of fired or quit. She is looking elsewhere because she doesn't want to be lock out of a future job at better companies because she signed away the right to a whole industry. I agree with her avoiding those 2 for now. I would not sign a contract limiting me like that.