Thursday, May 26, 2016

Small time investing .

      Took a chance and set up on the road with the BBQ stand this evening. Normally I never sell on Thursday but I had a full grill smoking while more was cooking. It was sit and watch it in the front yard or advertise  I was ready, by doing it on the side of the road.

    Free advertising won out so I spent the afternoon under a beach umbrella on the road side smoking 8 butts and 6 slabs of ribs watching traffic  waving at customers and friends. I was getting a jump on this weekend  OR SO I THOUGHT !!!!

   About 4 o'clock people started stopping. First it was sandwiches ok I had trim meat from the butts (I trim the butts to 7 lbs so I can sell them for 20$) then it was whole butts and ribs. When I left I had 2 butts and 2 ribs left smoked and 240$. It seems a lot of people are taking Friday off and leaving town.

    Now here is the investing part, I didn't expect this money I made about 160$ profit for 4 hour of fun. That is 2 extra cases of butts or 20 ea. The sale is this week only for 1.28 a pound all my other suppliers are 1.63 to 1.68. 40 cents may not seem like a lot but  I use 120 lbs. a week  about 12 to 16 butts. If I spend a little now to cover June  I will get a 30% return on what I invest or spend now. Butts always are sold at loss for the 4th of July but the price will be high till then.
If I spend 500$ on meat now I save 150$ over 30 days. I got to do it I hate to but I can't think of any other investment that has this return in such a short period.

    Yea I am rambling but its midnight I just smoked 8 more butts and 6 more slabs. The oven has 8 more butts starting and ribs will follow at 8 in the morning then back to butts while I go back to the road. My butcher is going to hate me ,I better take him a  butt when I go begging for 6 more cases.


  1. Sounds like it worked out well. The more first time customers you get, the more word of mouth and repeat business.

  2. Harry it has been a busy weekend. I have had a lot first timers that made second trips this weekend for more. I have sold 27 slabs of ribs with 15 more for tomorrow . Butt total will be 42 rib total 42. I think I will exceed 1200$ profit for 4 days.