Tuesday, May 31, 2016

So right and proven so wrong.

     Well had a huge weekend doing BBQ. Still had customers coming to the house 3 hour after I was sold out yesterday. Total Profit was just over 1200$. That means I had money to buy 4 cases of butts and ribs plus the money for that property. I decided to walk the property before I sent off the money. Make sure it was a sure thing.

     I waked the property end to end looking for the utility connections, None to be found no where. The power pole had been dragged up at some point but no septic or water could be found. The property was nice but had a lot of scrub brush taking over , So I went up on the road to find the water meter, nadda couldn't find it. While on the road the lady across the street came out to find out what I was doing.

    I told her I was thinking on buying the property and was looking for the water, septic and power hookups. She knew the family. I was informed the Aunt lived in the house and her nephew had the mobile home on the lot I was looking at. The mobile home used the houses water and septic . So my lot doesn't have any.  She said when the aunt died her daughter got her house and told her cousin he need to get his own water and septic tank she wasn't going to pay his bills like her mom had. He moved instead.

   So I have to pass while 930$ is a great price  water and septic will cost  6500 to 7500  so no profit to be made. Glad I took that walk when I did !!!!! My wife gets her way  and I wait for a better deal.


  1. It's good you did so well with your business.

    Walking the land over every square inch is a smart thing to do. If there are surprises, you want them before you pay down your money, not after.

    1. Thanks harry I have to make a few changes before the 4th. My hobby has seen a steady increase to beyond a hobby level on holidays.
      The property was a surprise on conjoined utilities and none on site.