Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A video worth thinking long and hard about.

  Please watch this video its from southernprepper1 and it is something to think about.

   While  I assume (you know the old saying) most folks stopping here are conservatives these comments may be offensive till you stop and think of the cause of civil unrest here and in other nations.

  The word conservative  as we use it means old long standing values, unbending to change, we are like a rock foundation. As a group we are incapable of inciting a Civil War. It goes against what we believe in .  The constitution, courts, our government and first and foremost is God, Family and country. To start a Civil War isn't in a group that holds these beliefs. Yes our values have been shit on and our leaders have marginalized us plus we carry an unfair tax burden of illegals, minorities, Gays and dozens of other groups .
But we are conservative and incapable of going against our beliefs even though we say we will we won't even to reclaim our county.

   Will there be a Civil War ? Hell yes maybe very soon. Will we as conservatives be involved ? Sure that's how civil wars work every one is included. We will not be the ones starting it with our demands.

    What will lead to a Civil War ? Our government has committed its self to unlimited immigration with benefits, social programs for the poor of all colors, creed and origin. It has pandered to gay lesbians and every wacko group. Our Leaders (lol) have made promises they and working Americans can't come close to paying for. A Civil war will start when they can't pay what was promised to these groups. It will be a flare-up in one city that spreads to 20 before the end of a day. It will start with the supporters of our liberal left government and they will overwhelm local LEOs and probable the national guard . At this point the federal government has  to decide call out the military and ask conservative  constitutionalist  who are pro gun retired military and against every thing they stand for to preserve the country? Oh they will wrap themselves in the flag and promise to represent our values if we  join them and preserve the status quo.
   As I said we will not start a civil war but when it happens.  Do WE DEFEND OUR GOVERMENT OR JOIN WITH THE RIOTING LIBERALS AGAINST IT!! The status quo will never change but if they are displaced the conservative majority can return to our founding principles and values.
   These are my opinions of what will trigger a second civil war. At what point I as a conservative  Grey Panther would join the fight hard to say but  THE  STATUS QUO  has to end.


  1. thinking about what sp1 says--have been thinking about it for a long time.
    going to be messy and lots of evil set loose. must have gov't. of some sort to keep water, sewerage treatment, hospitals, fire and ambulance departments going smoothly.
    the armed forces have equipment that can wipe out whole sectors in no time, so no resemblance to any previous land wars.
    'the wise man hides himself in times of trouble.'
    but Jesus told His followers to buy swords.
    got to pray about everything and listen for the 'still, small voice'.
    hard to hear in all the noise of the modern world.
    may God's will be done and may He preserve us and especially may He preserve, teach, infill and raise up our children.

    1. Very true. But we have had small riots it wont take much for it to spread in hours.