Thursday, June 30, 2016

Was given a pop up camper.

    Last weekend a man came by the BBQ and asked me if I wanted a old pop up camper. I  miss understood where he was going on it and told him I couldn't afford to consider buying another camper no matter how good a deal. He got a big grin and said it was free he wanted it out of his yard.

    Ok the price is right, he told me where he lived about 2 miles from the house. Now he was honest he said it wasn't in good shape but had seen how I modified other trailers and figured I could do something with it.

    Me and my son went after we finished selling to get it. Of course the only rain we got in 2 weeks started as we pulled up. It had 2 flat tires off the rims no spare and they were 8" rims which I have none. So in Redneck style I pulled it home on just rims.

  This is how it supposed to look . Ours was half put up with the sides hanging out but it was at the house. Sunday I decided to set it up and see where to start demolishing . With the small tires it was going to  be a nice low deck hauling trailer. But low and behold when we got it up it was in decent shape !

  Ours had some screen tears but the fabric is leather in good shape . My Son claimed it as his camper ( Funny a kid living in a camper wanting a camper to camp in) because it is light enough to pull with his car. All it needs is a little patch tape a few screws and 2 tires and it is ready to go. For a freebie it is going to get a new lease on life and if it tears up  it can still be just a low deck trailer later.

 Ps it has a stove sink the tanks, air and a 10 amp 12 volt charger that all works plus a 30 amp 25 ft. power cord.


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    1. Yep 60$ for new tires and rims and 30$ in misc. items and its ready to roll.