Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We vanished to the lake.

   Last Thursday my wife woke up and said we were going to the lake. Ok camper is kept ready  but I have to work Friday and Saturday at the BBQ.  I got informed it was for her sister's birthday but I could come up Sunday for Father's Day .

   Ok I hooked up and drove the 60 mile to the camp site got it all set up and her settled in. I planned on spending a few hours there but it got  cut short. All I got was a ham sandwich before her daughter and grand daughter arrived then her sister and a friend of theirs . Yep I was the only male at the campsite so it was time to cut and run !!!
   Had a good weekend selling BBQ for fathers day dinner's. Plus my kids gave me my gifts Saturday nite and were civil to each other. I even got the items I asked for .

 I love the radio and its a 3 way chargeable . The lanterns I haven't got to play with yet.

    Went back to the lake early Sunday morning and spent 2 days with the wife.

 We had a nice relaxing time watching the sunsets and walking around the park. For a spur of the moment trip it turned out to be just what we both needed.


  1. A lake or the seashore is a good place to rest and relax. I like mornings and evenings there best of all.

    1. yes it is harry and we hid inside during the day as it was 95 out.