Wednesday, June 15, 2016

To ocuppy the wife on food storage.

   Ok to get my wife involved in food storage I gave her a simple task. I asked her to think of  9 different meals for 4 that  DO  NOT use rice beans or pasta. List out what ingredient's are needed for each meal and then we would price them out. She has to do this on her own and I gave her a week to think about it.

   This is harder than most people think. Most people think about a 2 week grocery bill and list at the most. True this would be just 9 days of dinners but once its listed and priced it has to be multiplied by  18.

   Why  18 ? Because 18 x 9= 162  or 3 good meals per week for a year. The other 4 days have to be beans, rice, pasta, corn and flour based meals with broths ,creamed soups, sauces for flavorings. Even if she keeps these meals at 10.00 for 4 people it will be around 16 to 1700 $ about double what the other 4 days will cost.

    You can't tell my wife it cost to much I have to show her . What I am after is 6 different meals  to multiply by 9 for 54 meals of Sunday Dinner's . This will reduce cost to 540$ plus some extra dry goods.


  1. the meat alone is extremely costly. then any veg, fresh if possible, or frozen, really cost goes up. they say freeze dried keeps its nutritional value and tastes good but it is even more $$.
    this is a difficult exercise you have given her.

    1. yes it is deb. I just want her to understand why it cost and why it will be a bland monotonous diet.