Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sweating and Smoking.

     I hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend. Here it has been HOT!! been bumpin 100 . There are 2 things that people hate on holiday weekends  RAIN and 100 degree's in the shade. It keeps people either inside or in the water.

   Memorial day and the 4 th are when families tend to get together and talk ,grill out,  play and have a few beers. Un fortunantly it is when I am my busiest . This year I have surpassed what I have ever done before with the BBQ .

   Today I had a man come and get 2 butts and a slab of Ribs. I had the smoke bellowing like a freight train sweat and grease felt like it was an inch thick on every inch of my body. The man looked at me and said " THANK YOU" if you weren't here I would be suffering like you have to be in this heat cooking. He said you have earned your pay day this holiday.
   Yes it has been a miserable 4 days of BBQing but I know I have spared 80 plus weekend grill masters from the task. I did this post while waiting for 12  Rack of ribs to finish so I can get my last 16 butts going for tomorrow.  I have pre orders that will be picking up before 10 in the morning.

    I hope the next revolution starts in early October so it will be cooler weather for future generations to celebrate.

  Be Safe, Have Fun, and Tip the cook !!!!!


  1. I imagine it is hot work, cooking like that. It's been so hot here that the wife and I have just been eating microwave dinners and sandwiches because we didn't want to heat the house up with the stove.

    At least you are making the big green though!

    1. At lest it has now ended. Yes it was a good payday. I now understand my Grandmothers kitchen windows. In the summer she kept the transom windows on top open to keep it cooler, her house was built in 1910.