Friday, July 22, 2016

Read this before you go to the grocery store.

    Ok we are a rich country and shortages of food haven't happened in the United States since WWII . Then it was only a few items that were short as the military had priority. We as a nation are spoiled and think it will never change.

    Venezuela Is an oil rich nation surpassing even Saudi Arabia in oil reserves . Due to low crude prices , bad policy decisions and corruption Its citizen's are suffering severe shortages of Basic food
 items. This has been going on for over a year now it is to the point the POOR are starving because they cannot find or afford what is available. this article is wrote from a upper middle class perspective.

   Now make a grocery list and go shopping don't worry about this our government would never let this happen, or would they? This isn't  an Apocalypse novel it is a former top 10 economic nation.

    This is US if the world loses faith in the dollar. This is US if terrorist take down the grid . This is US if ____________, any hundred different things were to happen.
   Prepping is no longer  just about your parents fear of Nuclear War.


  1. Well, those folks let old Hugo run the show, and now they are paying the price. We'll be in the same boat if Obama hands power over to Hillary. If the Democrats are starving in the streets and eating rats, I'll have a good laugh over it.

    1. Two things got me it is the basic food stuff and what is available is rationed by a national I.D.