Sunday, July 17, 2016

De hydrated potatoes Cheap repack.

    No I didn't slice and dehydrate my own . I have been looking at ordering  # 10 cans or 5 gallon pail from wal mart.

 A can is 7.06 and with a 50$ order ships free . But when I was at Aldi's they had  their brand of scalloped potatoes for 79 cents.

   This box is 5 serving of 27 grams verse 20 grams servings Augason Farms Dehydrated Potato Slices  Plus you get the cheese powder and that is expensive alone.

   I have a few gallon spice jugs with a wide mouth. Today I went and bought 15 boxes of the Aldi's scalloped potatoes. Cost was 11.85 for 75 servings vs. 7.06 for 28 . When I got home I opened the boxes and found my gallon containers hold 8  boxes of potatoes and 8 cheese packs fill one of the empty boxes. I used wax paper under the screw lid to seal my jugs .

   Long story short I saved over 9$ by doing it myself plus got a half pound of cheese powder included. I think I know what I be doing weekly for a few weeks.
   Next week  Aldi's  has a dehydrator going on sale for 19.99 . I lost a good one in a divorce its about time for another one.


  1. Genius.

    I bought a can of that Auguson Farms dehydrated potatoes and one of Hash Browns last week just because.I got some dehydrated ground beef and chicken too.
    After we moved here last March I discovered there is a huge Wally World about a mile from here.
    I'll have to scope out this deal you got going on here though. That cheese powder stuff is spendy!

    I also saw some great info on vacuum canning dry goods and ordered a vacuum pump and the adapter.I got an automotive style vacuum pump coming that ought to be enough to do several at a time inside a pressure canner after a few changes.

    I keep seeing what is going on in Venezuela and watching for the Big Crash that we all know is coming and know in my heart I am not ready for the shitstorm that is coming.
    At least I am making an attempt.

    If you have any more tips please pass them on, I will be keeping an eye out.

    1. Phil keep plugging away I am. Most Sam's have golden griddle hash browns next to the Idaho potatoes. It's 6$ for 50 serving (30 man size). Me and the wife are thinking about getting a food saver vacuum sealer.

  2. I buy a lot of canned dehydrated potatoes. I like mashed potatoes really well, so I eat a lot of it anyway. Used to be you could get number ten cans of Ore-Ida powdered potatoes but haven't seen any of those in awhile.

    1. Harry I didn't notice I had no potatoes in storage till last week. We make a lot of potato's in many forms. I reliesed I had missed a inexpensive item for long term and short term storage. While ordering it pre stored is tempting I have to many local choices to pass on bargain's. Its amazing how cutting a vegetable changes its taste.