Monday, July 11, 2016

My internet got cut off literaly.

    Last Friday one of my Nabors decided they didn't like a wire that was hanging across their driveway. It was about 8 foot above the ground at its lowest point so he got a ladder and sniped it went to both poles and cut it again . Taped the ends to both poles out of the way. Then he did the same to a second line between him and the lady next door.

    The line was the ladies and my U verse  telephone line. The dumb ass told the woman across the street "Now it looks better". I was inside and didn't see him I was trying to get my modem to reset. Well Saturday they came out to hook the house across the street back up. Tek support said I had a bad modem "dot head bastards" This was when I found out about the cut wires. Good I was going to be back online ! WRONG   He didn't have a work order he could only run Her Line. I needed to call tek support .  Well I told him they decided it was modem problems and I called them a few (many) choice names. Seems I had a holy roller that took exception to my language but as we growled at each other his boss arrived and I explained the second cut line was mine. He said the line was no problem but call tek and cancel the modem and get a onsite work order . Ok this time I got a gal from N.Y. who canceled the modem and gave the asshole the work order #. The A hole bitched about taking it out of order till his boss basically told him to shut up and do it  he was onsite.

    Once the boss had hung the line he left. The woman across the street was back online in 20 minutes . It took mister happy 5 hours climbing 6 poles to run down where my line had shorted out. It was 97* that afternoon . Screw him he deserved it.
  The supervisor took down the name and address of the idiot that cut the line for billing. I may have been a bit crude but justice is a bitch.



  1. Cutting my line would make me furious! I hope the guy that cut the lines gets a big bill!