Thursday, July 7, 2016

Project knock out list. The end is near.

    Spent a few hours working on my daughters place today. I have to admit I haven't done much the last month over there. Today I did replace the utility room floor and patched a few ceiling holes.

   Did a walk around to see where I am  work wise and it isn't as bad as I thought. I think 4 days hard work next week will get the inside construction / repair finished. Once that's done it will be time to hire the electrician to do the pole and breaker box wiring.

    When that is done it still need paint and flooring but I have the material already to go. I think I will have to drop 500 more between the electrician and some luan panels . If I am right I will only be 200 over budget on the place.

   While I am doing this for my daughter it has a carrying cost that is up to 100$ in credit card payments a month. Now once she moves in and we secure her loan that goes bye bye. She will have 5 years at 232$ a month .



  1. Young people need a lot of help from family these days if they are to have any prospects of a decent life at all. Good for you, Gary.

    1. Harry I am proud I will be able to get her in a starter home for 12,000$.Its less than half what area rent is and in 5 years its hers. It should be worth 60,000 + when I am done. Maybe I should have sold it for 60 but having her secure is more important.