Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A few pics of my spring and the yard project .

      This is my enclosed spring it has never been dry in 30 years. Not even in the drought of 2006 . Once cleared covered and clean I will have the water tested .At one time it had a pump to the house but that was back before 1960,s.

      The ivey around the spring is a good sign that the water is OK .I still will have it tested.


   Hard to tell from a picture how grown up and large the area is .Once it is cleared and a drain is put in  I hope to be able to keep it cut from now on with my yard tractor and push mower.


  1. You and your wife are lucky to have such a precious resource in your back yard. protect and enjoy it. I see a possible huge garden back there where you would never have to worry about eating.

    1. Thanks mike in years past I had large gardens. I haven't recently because we have been traveling in the campers.Once the spring is fixed its permanent and the pond is going to have a fish grow basket thrown in it.