Monday, January 26, 2015

Want a newer used truck?Reality check!

     Since last fall my wife has wanted us to look for a newer truck my truck is a 94 Chevy 1500 . The engine that is in it now is the 3rd one, all have been junk yard engines. It does ok but I don't think it is as strong as it should be and it smokes when cranked from valve wear . Now if it was just a drive vehicle it would be ok but it tows our camper and my vending trailers .This truck has to work every week yes the jeep will tow but it would not last long.

     I would like a 2008 or newer 2500 or f250 well this weekend I started looking . I had no clue that trucks were as high as they are the cheapest one in my requirements was an 02 dodge with 239000 miles for 9880 firm! It didn't take me long to see there is no new truck in our future. I guess with the price of New trucks at 30 to 40 thousand I should have expected prices to be high.

    I think maintenance and repairs will be in my trucks future. May be even a 4th engine down the road . While I was looking for a truck I priced our other cars to see what it would take to replace them. Same thing my wife's car is an 04 with low miles and it is still worth over 8000 my jeep compares at 3700. Even my truck is almost 3000 to replace with one not as good.
    Nothing last forever but with replacement cost this high we all better spend a little more to keep them on the road. I think I will be putting a 200$ a month bill in the budget for repairs and replacement cost .While it may seem like a lot in 5 year it still wont buy me a 10,000 $ used truck after keeping up repairs on what I have! I guess I am getting old my first car cost me 125$ I didn't pay over a 1000$ for a car until 1989  a 86 celebrity with every bell and whistle .Today a junk yard will pay 4 to 6 hundred for most running or not .


  1. I know what you're saying Gary. New even late model used trucks are priced out of consideration today. Unions and auto makers are ruining there business with their ridiculous high prices. Few can actually afford them today. My last two used vehicles were 10 years old when I bought them and that seems to be the sweet spot price wise $3000 and between 85,000 and 150,000 miles. Both of these vehicles I found when not really looking for one, the S-10 a guy parked next to me at a convenience store and had a 4 sale sign in the window and I bought it there. The Ford mini van I have now was my neighbors daughters car and she just wanted a new van so I bought her old one. I plan on driving it for 10 years. Both were original owners.
    I guess I'm saying, be patient and when you least expect it the right one will show up for ya, just be ready to jump on it!

    1. You buy vehicle's like I do. I will just have to wait till a deal comes along. Like I always have said cash is king going to lay it back because a good deal now takes more of it.