Monday, January 12, 2015

High 30s are nice .

     With the cold weather last week I had a cold .My luck holds. this weekend the temps rose to a balmy 42 and I decided to sell BBQ glad I did as it was a decent weekend considering the temps and me not cooking a lot .
    Rainy out today so I went to the hardware store for a file to sharpen my chainsaw. The chain I have is a pruning chain and is so small they didn't have the file .Looks like I will have to try some where else I think it was my first strike out at the Ace I use. Once it is sharpened I will be back on brush clearing. I did pick up some 2 x4s to frame in a roof for the spring box. If the weather liar is wright I will have nice weather the end of the week. Also will be doing a large BBQ cooking this weekend 6o degrees and sunshine Saturday is forecast .Cabin fever is getting to me .

   Wish I was in south Florida for a week but not in the cards this winter. Even the wife is getting antes to go some where .Maybe in a couple of months but not at this time.


  1. I know what you mean, this winter has been erratic at best and I want it over. Its been either to cold or to wet outside and I want to go surf fish'n but not being on the beach with cold wet winds blowing.
    It was interesting to hear there is a fine type chain for chain saws. I've never seen one in the chain replacement displays. I'll have to be aware of that when it's time for a new chain, all I'll want is one for fast cutting of firewood not fine cuts.
    Glad to hear your BBQ biz is going good. How about a couple pictures when you're set up cooking and selling your BBQ! Pictures of food makes me hungry!

    1. Surf fishing sounds like a good afternoon .Will take a few pictures this weekend.

    2. Great Gary, we'll be looking for them!