Monday, January 5, 2015

Good working weather .

     Today was clear but cold . The high was 45 but for an old fat man not bad . I decided to do some yard work around my spring and pond . I have lived here for 30 years over the years my yard has been neglected . As the brush of hedge row bushes has expanded the area I cut was less . When I worked 16 hours a day it wasn't a priority and it was mainly in front and behind my little pond ( the pond is 45 wide and 100 ft long ). Today I decided to tackle the upper side an area  40 x120 with 3 springs 2 always flowing and a 3rd that is running 8 months a year. These need to be cleaned and clear because if SHTF these are my water supply !

     I worked maybe 3 hours through the day with Lopping shears and my electric chainsaw . Was able to hack cut and  slash about a 1/3 of this area . The bushes and briers have died back so now is the best time to do this. The wisteria and honeysuckle's are still green inside and as strong as a nylon rope. Now I was able to clear a 40 x50 ft area today so I am pleased and it got me off my butt to do something productive. Now the area I did was the easiest of the front part I had cut some 4 years ago but never finished ,but it is now.

     As far as the electric chainsaw it did great even on a very long cord ( 125 ft ) . If you don't have a set of good Lopping shears I highly recommend you invest in a good set of fiskers geared loppers. Mine aren't fiskers but I will be getting a set this spring .These allow you to cut 2 to 3 inch trees ,bushes and branches quickly and easily . Plus no gas and quiet to use . In a survival situation  small firewood could be a must and loppers are perfect for making it . the geared kind can be used by kids , women and the elderly.

P.S.I will try to post pics of the spring's tomorrow.



  1. Kind of sounds like you could use a bush-hog to make the job simpler.

    1. Mike I have a bush Hog on my yard tractor . I cant get it in this area because it has grown up to much and is wet . Last 2 times I tried I had to pull the tractor out with a come along. With the brush gone the sun will get to the wet area I hope.