Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I am to fat to be roofer

      Today me and my son put in rafters and runners over at my daughters place . My son has bad feet and stumbles some times on the ground  so I had to do the roof work. I don't want him to fall off a 18 foot high roof . I put in 6 hours up on the roof and feel it. We got it ready for the metal roofing tomorrow. I hope the metal is ready before lunch It will take some time to screw 38 sheets in place. It is going to rain Friday and I would love to have this place dried in .

    The mobile home roof is still good but with the wood siding that we plan on using it had to have an eve and overhang . It looks like I will be able to bring this place in on budget. This is the first project I have done in years that I have used a credit card on. Normally I am Totally cash and carry but these projects would have left me penny less. The carry cost will be kept to a minimum but it will allow me a cash cushion . A lot of folks would have seen this place and said it was  teardown but it had just enough bones I had to save what was there. It will be a nice 720 square foot home when done. I will have put 2500$ into bringing it back. To buy a new mobile home it would have been 32,000$ +. Plus it feels good to recycle on the scale that this place is. We are a throwaway society but it feels good (even aching as I am) to not waste material and money.


  1. I don't know about you but whenever I do stuff like you're doing I really feel for the roofers, framers and concrete guys. They have very demanding and physical jobs.

    1. Me to mike. yesterday I was building the rafter today I hung half the metal and my pains have pains.