Thursday, January 14, 2016

Is there 38 states wanting change?

    It takes 38 states to add an amendment to the US Constitution. It has never been done. There has been few calls by enough states in the past but rather than allow the states to convene, the congress submitted their version to the states.  I would like to see a convention to address State rights and limit federal involvement . Here are 2 Wikipedia links worth time and thought.

  The federal government has never deigned the states the right to hold a constitutional convention but have passed what ever it took to keep a convention from being held.

   There are some hard questions we need to think on before we say hell yea.

1 Can they address states rights and Federal issues only
2 Can we trust them not to GUT our present constitution.
3 Would state legislature's pass the amendments in a timely manner.
    (in the past most amendments took 5 or more years to get majority)
4 Can we keep special interest out of the process .
5 do we have 13 states that would protect the citizens if the process went for the worst?
6 Could we finally get term limits for congress ?

   OK # 6 is because of Richard Shelby 37 years is WAAAAy to long ( Republican from Bama). I voted for him 3 times 6 is a joke.


  1. 2 no cannot be trusted
    4 no special interests would be on this like white on rice.