Friday, January 8, 2016

Keeping my Resolutions .

      Ok in keeping with my resolution to finish one project at a time I have to prioritize my list. The problem is I have 2 that both needed some immediate TLC to prevent more work later. My sons place is now stable. We cleaned the roof of leaves, reinforced the outer wall , removed a building that was keeping the whole place wet.   This is project 1 because it is a lower cost.

    The place I got for my daughter was deteriorating fast so last week it  a lot of attention. We had to raise a 20 foot section of the mobile homes roof because someone had removed the studs for a bon-fire. Next week it gets a roof over all of it and Tyvek wrap on the walls. That should stabilize it so we can finish my sons place.

    My sons will take about 500 to get him in and about the same to finish it the way we both need it to be for vending.
    My daughters place will have cost over 800 by the end of next week and needs another 2500 to get it move in ready.

    They both want it NOW but since its my money I will do as I am able . Son out by February, Daughter out by May, then back to my BBQ trailer before June.

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