Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A birthday present that arrived late.

    Monday way my birthday and the kids were here and my Mom . I got took to lunch , shirts ,shorts and other items for presents but my oldest daughter's present didn't make it on time. She gave no hint what it was but said she would bring it over when it came in.

    Ok as a dad I like any gifts my kids give me. This child is different her gifts are always "interesting" but this time she surprised me .

This time she got it right . I have other cast iron I use at home but this combo is perfect for the camper. I use cast iron a lot and now will have it on the road. At 13 lbs. it is lite enough for my wife to use to.

   Good cast iron that is took care of will last many life times . It is one of those pass it down items that are rare today . My Mom has a Griswold corn bread wedge skillet that she wants me to have after she passes (she still is using it :). Lodge is a quality product !


  1. I use a lot of cast iron, particularly my dutch oven and a skillet. Did you see where there was a bill up in California to have a "John Wayne Day" and it was voted down because a lot of the hispanic, black and leftard representatives said John Wayne was a "racist." What a bunch of a**h***s.

    1. My wife told me that Friday. I call B.S. the Duke had 2 Hispanic wives and made Reagan look liberal. He didn't get it because he represents a strong white male roll model .In all his movies right and wrong was clear. I don't think I ever heard the word compromise used.