Monday, April 11, 2016

You have wheat and can make bread now what?

     The basis of most food storage is wheat/flour for bread but what is bread without butter. Red feather makes a canned butter that has good reviews but at 7$ a 7 oz. can I need a cheaper  supply.

    I need to get a dozen 8 oz. or 12 oz. jelly jars so I can try this. I love hot homemade bread  slathered with butter (I am hefty size) and jelly. I have pound blocks of margarine in the freezer but think a few jars of canned butter would store well in the pantry. I think I would shake as it cooled to mix the solids back in to the mix. If it is separated it mite as well be Gee.

     Yea I am on a canning kick I could have a worst hobby . This weekend I soured the lard I planed on canning . Hot dripping in cold water was A BAD IDEA . Oh well live and learn.


  1. Before you try canning butter check out the link below. The information is from “The National Center for Home Food Preservation”. Lots of good lab tested info here!

    Link to canning butter:

    Make your own decision but I don’t recommend anyone can butter the way it’s done on the internet as that is not pressure canning and you need the pressure to get the high temperature needed to kill botulism spores. The link explains it well.

  2. I have seen both ways on you tube for butter. eating home canned foods have always had a slight risk. I don't see it as any more than commercial foods.

  3. Ask Jackie at backwoods home magazine website has canned butter,.
    I would not be afraid to eat her food.
    There are directions there for butter canning.
    If you do it please write an update.
    Deb h.

    1. Deb her article was the one that first got me thinking about it. Life has got busy but I will be canning more stuff soon and will post.