Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Trump ad no lies only the truth.

     A must see from Papa mike


Whether you are for him or not, this is a fabulous ad!!!
Till now Trump hasn’t really spent any money on ads – he’s promoted himself and message for free at the expense of those who do NOT want him elected – THE MEDIA.
BUT when he creates an ad ..WOW!
(He really rattles their cages) “THE DONALD”
LOVE HIM, DOUBT HIM or HATE HIM – He is indeed shaking it up to the very core of our political system – which is a GOOD thing.
It’s hard to believe that even Trump would have the ‘cojones’ to put this on the air.
Here is a rousing military medley that tells it how it is … the lyrics are clever and funny …
Obama is suitably recognized. It’s a 2 minute video!




  1. I'm a Trump man to the core. No more greasy political slicks for me.

    1. They can say what they want. He is what he is. A Jewish orthodox jeweler couldn't polish him into a diamond. I have found I can respect those I don't agree with on some things. But a liar I have no use for, besides target practice.