Sunday, April 10, 2016

Not all customers are good .

     This weekend I  was told a friend's little dinner was closed. Me and the wife used to eat there a couple lunches a week . Old Max was a fair cook that did a decent meat and 3  plus clubs and burgers. Well Max is in his mid 70s and decided to retire . I saw him about 6 weeks ago and he asked me if I would buy it, he gave me a very good price . 12,000$ and he would take it at 1000 a month for a year from me. I know it would pay for its self but he is open from 5am till 2  6 days a week. After expense's it would have been 500 to 750 a week but it would have been 60 hours a week! I told him I appreciated the offer but it wasn't what I planned on for a retirement.

    Now I know I could have changed the menu dropping some and adding others items as Max has done his thing for 15 years unchanged. My biggest problem was the hours, limited seating (40 maybe) and a Bullsitting crowd. The bane of small dinners a group of 6 or so that sit 1 to a booth or 6 out of 10  for lunch and a hour of B.S. after. I have seen to many potential customers leave because of no seating . While I want a full time food sales setup I don't want to start into it with a "gathering hole" .

   Max found a Buyer for the dinner he thought. He worked with him the last week of March to turn the keys over so he could start April 1st. The new owner was a no show and it has been closed for a week. Max gave him the same deal he offered me . I don't know what will happen. 2 friends have asked me to take it this weekend.
    Me and the wife talked it over and agree it is not for US. I hate it for Old Max but he has let his regulars ruin his business . I will go full time but it will be a to go with patio tables only. The wife likes what I do now but I want a bit more.

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