Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Took a large BBQ catering order.

     Today I had a regular customer call and place an order for 8 smoked pork butts next Wednesday . She is the head of a pet adoption agency and has served my BBQ at many of their fund raiser dinners and functions. She is a trained chef and caters dinners and fund raisers for other charities. This order is for a catering dinner up in Kentucky. She said they had it Saturday at her fund raiser and asked her to do their event next Friday . It is nice to know my BBQ  is beginning to be requested in a circle that has the means to purchase from any that claim to be "World Famous". I don't make any claims except its consistent ,good and reasonable priced.

    Ok because of this catering order I will have a lot of extra trim meat . I take 8 to 10 lb. butts and trim to 7 lb. give or take 1/4 lb. I could save the trim till the next weekend cook and serve it in sandwich's but I plan on canning it like I did the hamburger. I may put some up smoked and not smoked. Chicken will be put up to mainly because leg and thighs are 39 cents this week.



  1. Good to hear you're getting famous. Yes can the extras, I can pork shoulder and it comes out pulled pork tender.

    1. Mike I like the business but I am still an unlicensed renegade BBQ stand. I am looking forward to canning the meat. Every week I have about 2 gallons of pork lard dripping. I am going to try canning some of it once its rendered snow white pure.