Monday, January 2, 2017


   Sorry for not posting for a while. We all know life gets hectic at the holidays. I hope every one had a good Christmas and New Year. It seems like for 2 weeks we have run somewhere  every day. All in all it was a nice time with family .

     It looks like me and the wife will be getting our house back to our selves by the end of the month. I am down to odds and ends on my daughters place before she can move in. My Son got the Deed he has been waiting on and we put in a couple of days their .  All he needs me for is to have a new power panel set and re splice the house wiring . The step daughter and grandkids HAVE TO GO!!!!
We love them but the level of activity and noise is unbelievable. Its beyond normal the mom is a hollower on face book 24/7. The kids want to be entertained and are incapable of imagination or self amusement .


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    1. Sounds like all the kids are getting their lives together. Good for them.

    2. No I am just wrapping up projects that have been a year in the making. I look for them to do OK but they aren't enthused at becoming independent.

  2. don't know how old the grandkids are, but teach them to read and buy them books, a safe, big, soft ball for bouncing and a jump rope.
    then send them outside.
    if anyone objects, the 'my house, my rules' law comes into effect.
    God forbid they should grow up like their mother, staring at a screen all day and all night.
    hope your wife has time to do this.
    they might end up on your doorstep again in 15 or 20 years if they are not redirected now.
    as the twig is bent so grows the tree.
    hate to see more young lives ruined by becoming lifetime members of the useless class.

    1. Deb it is our fear that they will end up in the useless class of phone addicts. We have talked it out once we get the house empty that door is closed !!! No more relatives will be welcomed here. There is a fine line between helping and enabling !

  3. the only useful thing left to do is pray for them.
    only God can help those of us who are useless and clueless.
    i'm practically in that class myself,but i saw to it that daughter had all the opportunities for learning that i could rustle up.