Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Goverment think. is amazing

    Yesterday I hinted at the run around it was to get seen and insurance . Part of the problem is I work with no pay check I make a living most would consider poverty level but pays the bills and allows travel and extras.

1 if you don't make enuff to file taxes the insurance market place is worthless.
2 if you make under 10,000 from varied sources your looked at as lying / drug dealer to live.
3 you have to show what your source is
4 If you make this little and appy for help they want to know WHY you haven't already applied for everything under the sun!
     I have a rental trailer that nets me 6500 a year in income well below filing amount . My BBQ and Mt Dew is more than this but the bastards can F&%$#@ off on that .

    After the emergency room visit my E N T appointment was canceled due to no insurance. I called the financial aid department and was informed because I didn't work I didn't qualify for market place insurance and without that I couldn't qualify to get co pay forgiveness. I was referred to the county indigent care program at another hospital/clinic.
   I had this medical care for a couple years till renewal in 2014. At that time they demanded I go to the IRS for a letter of non-filing to continue benefits. I had a disputed with the IRS in 2006 and the thought of walking back in their office , Not Happening Alive Not happening ever !!!

  I went to the indigent care qualifying page . If I  have an open disability case with social security and proof of residency I qualify. So last Thursday I go to Social Security and apply for disability based on beginning cancer treatments. I understand I will be deigned but it will get me the indigent care insurance!!!! Before I was done I had to file for 3 different forms of disability. My Ex wife died in 2009 so I had to apply 2 times based on her and 1 on just me. Seems there are special rules for widowers over 50. It took 4 hours but I did it. I raced to the indigent care office with all the paper work. They quit taking applicants at 2,  I was 3 minutes late.

   Friday morning I got there at 8 am and was took right back. The lady was polite till she saw my income was so low and my lease was 5 years old with my tenant.  How much does he pay NOW this lease is 5 years old?   The same , He has never been late has helped me do repairs and so OCD the place is immaculate. Ok here is your blue card go to the appointment office for a primary care appointment.   

   The girl at the appointment office makes me an appointment with a primary care doctor for  APRIL 1st. So I explain to her its my throat what I have going on I let her hear the voice message that I had an appointment to see their ENT Wednesday. The girl calls around double checks and informs me No they just passed the buck.  Ok what can I do before my throat closes and I die in my sleep???  She said we are a county department work the system!!!! Monday come into the urgent care clinic tell the doctor what is wrong in your throat they will get you an emergency appointment with the   E N T  department. Since you were seen at UAB to start with they will refer you back to them at our cost!!!!!  We got rules to follow but ways to get thing done to.

    I did what sweetie told me . I see the clinics E N T at 9 tomorrow to get a referral back the office that I was suppose to be at today. It took 8 trips in to Birmingham about 32 hour of wait/work, 60$ in gas . I am at the same point I was at on the 26th except insured and have medical files in 5 different offices. It also started a disability application in case thing get worse. The indigent care application forces me to apply for food stamps as they go hand in hand now it seems.


  1. WTF! What a B.S. system.
    I guess Obama Care is actually worthless...

    1. Obama care is worthless. no 1040 means no subsidies so its full price. While indigent care is basically check-up well care if you get real sick they do sent you to quality providers if needed.

  2. thanks to God you got a clerk who understands the system.
    i think these systems are made almost impossible to hurdle.
    those who are 'haves' hope the rest of us will just die quietly and get out of their way as they are going to their next big robbery.
    also thanks you have transportation and gas money.
    i think of old, sick people with no family trying to get around on buses, especially here in the frozen north.
    undoubtedly many nether understand what they must do or are unable to get to where it needs to be done.
    you are blessed.
    God willing, it will all work out well.
    still praying for you.

    1. Deb I would have hated to be in the frozen north doing all this running around. It has been a learning experience. I can see if I was older and couldn't drive this would be almost impossible.

    2. I'm sure sorry you are going through all that. I have had some insurance run arounds and I thought I had it bad, but I see now I have been lucky in comparison.

      I hope you get it all worked out. I wouldn't worry about all the peripheral stuff like applying for food stamps and all. Take advantage of everything you can, because you can be sure the government has taken advantage of you every opportunity it got. Get as much back from them as you can.

    3. Harry I did get the medical in place even worked through the routine medical exams and am scheduled for the specialist Thursday.I figure I have 2 to 3 weeks before they kill me to heal me. I got a lot to line up in the next 3 weeks. The kids will be moving out to their places and I have to bring my wife up to speed on bills plus may face not any outside income for a while. I have been the provider it never occurred to me it left the family clueless on normal living cost.