Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Prepparing for illness

     Ok this is not a poor pitiful me post . I feel good about the future but there are some hard decisions that will be coming in the future. I understand I will have to face one or more things surgery, chemo, radiation or a combo of all 3.

      Now I run my house the old way, I am head Jackass!! I pay the bills do the shopping earn the funds, make most the important decisions .I do listen to everyone's points of view on stuff but since I pay for or have to do the work I have veto power. With the possibility of me being down for a time I have to prepare the wife and family to take over some things they have no clues about.

    Most of us that read prepper blogs are Alfa personalities and have never considered if something happens to us will our loved ones be able to take over our jobs. In my case it will be illness taking me out of daily chores, income, spending management. Not only have I been sheltering the wife I have found she doesn't want the responsibility shifted to her. I tried to talk to her and it was a stone wall if she wont accept it, it wont happen. She will be getting a crash course in household management over the next 2 weeks. I love my wife but her money skills suck plus her shopping skills can net us 2 meals and junk food for 100$ a trip.

      It will be an interesting next 2 weeks . In the morning I have to go for Labs, X rays, CT scans, at 8 o'clock on the way back I have to pick up 350$ worth of wiring and electrical conduit for my daughters. after lunch I will stub it in from the pole. Thursday I see the ENT about doing the biopsy then meet the electrician to pay for permit and him to connect what I stubbed in. Sunday my step son will do the rest of the plumbing and gas for me and her place will be ready to move in.

    Hopefully the next week I will have a break between doctor visits. I need to install an exterior electrical load center on my sons house the old one has been gutted and wiring cut. It will be about 12 hours work but will allow him to move in after a few other odds and ends he can do.
     Preparing my family to move forward while I am down is as much for me as them. The kids moving out was delayed because of me feeling bad then the holidays now its time to get them set. The wife has become a couch potato the last few years and that's my fault. Once she is up to speed I will rest easier .
    Thinking about preparing for being out as leader and if my loved one could carry on while sick during good times makes me think have many preppers thought about it to? 


  1. Wow, Gary. That is some situation you have there. Goes to show a person that all situations are subject to change, particularly as we get older. Best of luck to you, and please continue your blog as you are able. We can all benefit from your experiences...as we already have.

    1. All situations are different till this I had never noticed how much I had limited my wife and family from desertion making.

  2. Serious illness or worse, needs to be prepared for well in advance. Both conditions may seem simple to deal with but are very confusing legally and financially. People who have every need taken care of for them always seem to get overwhelmed when they must handle daily issues for the first time. She needs to get involved with day to day decisions and living so if she has to step up to the plate some day it will be no big deal.
    Hopefully the wife will rise to the need, if not I'm sure the kids will handle everything just fine.
    Keep us informed Gary. Hopefully you can be treated easily with no down time.

    1. Mike its the old saying prepare for the worst and hope for the best. It took putting "pen to paper" see how sheltered/dependant they were and it was my fault.

    2. I’ll have to dig up and old article about organizing important home and personal documents into a binder where anyone can find all the important doc’s that may be needed quickly.

  3. gary,
    Jesus loves you.
    husband just finished second round of radiation in 2 yeARS.
    he is head in the sand type but does not limit me, although lack of $$$ does rein me in.
    you just go with the flow and it washes over you to some extent.
    as long as the morphine keeps coming, i don't care.
    been wearing diapers for 25 years due to loss of some intestine when radiated for abdominal cancer.
    daughter was only 10 so i had to go through with it to protect her.
    glad i did it .
    praying for you and told daughter to pray also.
    you are in God's hands.
    the problem for those of us who have been through it is mostly worry for our loved ones, especially if one's husband needs a mirror and a guide book to find his own hindmost body part.
    this is the nudge your family need in order to learn to run their own lives. the wife must learn and apply the basics.
    love and prayers,
    deb h.

    1. Thank you . Its good to hear from someone that has been there done that but also sorry you had to be there and do that. I have noticed most families have an Alfa leader and the rest are sheep. Here in the south most families use to have a Matriarch that even the Alfa,s deferred to.

    2. Hi Deb,
      I had no idea you were dealing with so many serious health issues. My wife and I will include you in our thoughts and prayers along with Gary.

  4. thanks, mike.
    always enjoy your comments.
    are you a hillbilly, too?
    seems to me i got a hint that you might be from a comment somewhere.
    really covet your prayers for my husband john.
    many thanks.

    1. Hillbilly? Well, I grew up in a real trailer park that had hundreds of trailers parked with only 10 feet between each trailer!

  5. gary,
    seems to me the matriarchy is as old as time, but when all the men were killed in the uncivil war everything fell on the women and young boys. maybe it is a result of that history?