Thursday, January 12, 2017

No wall needed.

    Over the last year Trump has been talking about a wall along the Mexican border. Sounds great and I believe it would slow illegal's and drugs from coming in to the country. But as with any fence it can still be breached at some point. Even if we spend 20 Billion the desperate and drug runners would find a way .
 There is a better ,cheaper way that we have used in the past and in 65 years very few have risked crossing. It is not impressive to see but one miss step and the next person will think long and hard before trying .

  These 2 pictures are of the Korean DMZ  it has kept the 2 populations separate since the 1952-53 era . It is a passive system as far as foot traffic is concerned . They use thousands of these to discourage people from fleeing either side.

Now I know it would out rage a lot of folks but in a few years not many would think of crossing the boarder except legally . The loss to the drug cartels would be huge and our expense would be a fraction of the wall. If we used mines we wouldn't even have to do the whole border . A few put out here and there it would be bluff in some area,s . Just something to think about that works.


  1. I'd be fine with mine fields. They'd still need guards though. Like the combat engineers say, an obstacle not covered by fire is not an obstacle. Even unguarded mine fields would be better than nothing, though.

    1. Harry after a few hundred blow up the obstacle become,s fear and body parts.

  2. I like the mine field idea, cheap and effective.

    Hey Gary, how are you doing????

    1. Better than I expected. Had the biopsy cant talk much, spitting blood and choking when I eat BUT I can sleep laying down now!

    2. When will you know the results?

    3. Thursday. Sorry for not posting this week my mind has had me in a dark place.

  3. still praying for you gary.
    seems like cancer is everywhere these days.
    over 50 years ago two boys in our small city got leukemia. came from different areas, went to different schools, different racially. both 15 and died.
    the cdc sent a team to investigate, that is how unusual it was.
    now everyone has cancer or is related to a cancer patient, and/or knows numbers of friends and neighbors who have it, have had it, and will eventually have it.
    it is really an epidemic.
    but the treatments are better and more patients recover from cancer than did when i was young. [you know, back when we lived in caves and ate mammoths!].